April 21, 2012

coming soon...

a REAL blog post.  with pictures, and funny stories, and probably a fact or two that you could do without knowing  ;)

but for now I'll show you my sad and pathetic breakfast fail.

the other day John toasted a bagel for his breakfast, but couldn't find the cream cheese [which was RIGHT in front of him the whole time, by the way] so he left it in the toaster and went to school. 
then, when I woke up - late :) - I needed a speedy breakfast and was so excited to see the bagel right there, ready to go.  but a little cold... so I stuck it back in the toaster.  and then forgot about it and it burned.  [insert very-sad-sydney-face here.] 
why is there a bite taken out of it, you ask?  because i was hungry, ok?!!  and that side of it wasn't too burned for human consumption.  it was pretty darn crunchy tho.

1 comment:

  1. Not gonna lie, I'd have probably eaten the whole thing. I like em toasted dark and crunchy!! =)