April 28, 2012

don't let the bed bugs bite.

oh man, John and I are so ridiculously awesome.  i can tell that you're all on the edge of your seats waiting for me to write a blog post about our anniversary cruise, but you're going to have to wait.  [i'm on the wrong computer to upload pictures. sorry.]

instead, i have a really great story to tell you about yesterday.

it starts on thursday night, when i went to bed feeling sick and grumpy and probably said a lot of mean things to John while he was just being nice and trying to make me feel better.  i woke up to John telling me it was snowing.  SNOWING in april.  so i rolled over and slept until the snow was all melted and then i went to work.  when i got home from work around seven thirty and our little Johnny was alseep!!  oh, i was so mad.  here i was feeling sick and so tired and spending 8 hours on my feet and homeboy was dead-to-the-world asleep, laying diagonally across the bed.  so i made as much noise as i could and woke him up telling him how i was so tired but i needed to stay awake because my body needed a full night's rest and that wouldn't happen if i fell asleep right then.  so we sat in bed trying to think of something to go do that would keep me awake but not last too long and keep me from getting to be at a reasonable hour.  so, what do you think we did?  yep.  we fell asleep.  and we woke up and fell asleep again.  and then we woke up and gave in to the coziness of our bed and relished the fact that we actually got to fall asleep together for one night of the week and went to bed feeling a little less pathetic about the whole thing.

i know that doesn't sound so bad.  it might even make you want to gag because we're still so newly married that falling asleep together is a novelty... but let me break it down for you so you can see how ridiculous it really was:

friday morning i woke up at about 10am.  John was already at school.
friday night i fell asleep at about 8pm.  John had already been sleeping since at least 6:30pm.
saturday morning i had work at 7am and John woke up "sometime after 10 or 11."

that was a whopping ten hours of sleep for me and FIFTEEN for John.  when you take into account that we normally only get about five or six hours of sleep... this was a big deal.  and i'm still trying to wrap my head around all of it.  i'm also still trying to wrap my head around the book i just finished, but that's another post entirely.

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