November 16, 2011

near death.

Yesterday on the way home from the temple, John and I saw a sign outside G's Dairy for "hot chocolate floats".  And at that moment, as our teeth were chattering from the cold, hot chocolate sounded fantastic.  And a scoop of delicious ice cream in there with it?  Even better.  So we turned around and ordered two of them.  John got Rocky Road ice cream in his and I chose something wonderful with Oreos and cookie dough.  And since we were too excited to try them to wait until we got home, we pulled out of the drive-thru window and straight into a parking spot.  Oh my, was it a heavenly treat!

Unfortunately, my dear husband accidentally inhaled a shard of almond and had a horrible coughing attack.  It was the kind of thing where I started to just laugh [because I think it's funny when other people do that instead of me] but then I got really worried because he was coughing a LOT and turning a little bit red and had a panic-stricken look on his face.  And then he stopped coughing and I started laughing AGAIN.  I'm such a kind and concerned wife...

The best part of that whole experience was that he didn't get one drop of chocolate on his church clothes.  Score!!

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