November 22, 2011

turkey time!!

Oh, my my my. Who ever decided to sell turkeys frozen needs to be severely punished!! Since I started thawing my turkey, I've made a wreath for the door and a tablecloth for dinner on Thursday. I've also eaten enough knock-off Reese's peanut butter and watched enough TLC to last me a lifetime... and the dang bird is STILL FROZEN! I'm just saying, it better all be worth it or we're just gonna order pizza next year.

my wreath... it's kinda boring, but I like it that way.

my tablecloth - conveniently folded so it looks 100% done  :)

Aaaanyway... Since I've got sine time on my hands, I think I'll tell you what else I've been up to recently...

My momma came to visit us a few weekends ago! It was super great to have her in the Burg with us. Especially when it snowed on Saturday and she had to suffer like John and I do! haha. But while she was here we went to eat at Smitty's Pancake and Steak House in Idaho Falls. John was in HEAVEN because he got to have ribs with a side of pancakes! It was a pretty great experience... but I'm a fan of anywhere that serves pancakes 24/7. We also went to get some fabric for the Woodbury x-mas pajamas. I'll be starting up on those shortly... so stay tuned.

My cousins had a little baby boy on 11/11/11! So I made a little gift for him. I forgot to take a picture of the onesie, but just imagine a polka-dot bow tie and this pacifier on a little smoochie face :)

felt + hot glue = awesomeness.

Sometimes I just use the pictures on my phone to remember what we've been up to... I realize that's sort if lame, but it's the truth. Unfortunately I haven't been taking as many pictures as I used to. Let's blame work, ok? Because it's most definitely NOT that I'm too lazy to pull my phone out of my pocket... But here's one to leave you with - while Momma H was here John convinced her to buy this hat for him, and then I stole it :)

i didn't really steal it.  he just left it in my car.

(and keep your fingers crossed that my turkey dinner doesn't poison anyone!)
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