October 31, 2011

happy halloween!!!

We have candy... so you should come trick or treating!!

I snapped this picture in Utah wearing my momma's witch hat...  My mom, grandma, and aunts all went to the Witchapalooza! event at Gardner Village.  Unfortunately, I wasn't a part of that bonding experience.  I just hung out by myself in the hotel room, watching TV and eating junk food.  :/

Spring, Krishna, Grandma Hazel, Momma H, and Summer
They got pretty into it.  My aunt Spring made everyone those cloaks, which were pretty legit!  With hoods and fur-lining.  Everyone was dressed up underneath too, in witchy costumes.  [Well, besides my mom.  She's the dud of the family ;) haha.]

It was a fun weekend in Utah for me, though!  I got to see my Little Meg!!  She let me sleep over at her house on Friday night and then she cut my hair on Saturday morning!  She's the best.  [You have to say that in Nacho Libre's voice.]

After my hair was all trimmed -and weighed ten pounds less- I headed straight over to the Provo mall!  Well, actually, I stumbled upon the mall in my search for the freeway.  It was a pleasant surprise.  So then I wandered around aimlessly for a few hours.  I found a shirt for myself that I'd been looking for for.ev.er.  And I bought John a San Diego Super Chargers tie.  He's been wanting one for a LONG time...  And I bought myself a super cute purple headband that I've worn once-and-a-half.  I love headbands, but they don't love me.  After that I headed to the Gateway mall in SLC.  By far one of my favorite malls ever!!  But really I went there to try on some jeans for my Christmas outfit from the Momma.  And that's where I met up with my mom, grandma, and aunts for lunch!!

In other news...  The magnificent Horkley's has changed it's name.  John and I are struggling to accept it.  But we did get some fifty-cent sodas and free hotdogs during their grand re-opening!! They never really officially closed, but that's beside the point.  FREE HOTDOGS!!  And we got some wristbands and a button.  Pretty awesome.

Ever since we made the decision to stop eating out we've failed miserably.  Last week shouldn't have counted, because I was sick and we had no groceries... and did I mention free hotdogs?!  But this is the chili that I had at Frontier Pies.  Isn't the chip-flower cute?

And speaking of no groceries - our kitchen was smelling a little extra funky yesterday so I did a little investigating...  

Umm... I can't really tell you what kind of fruit that used to be.  My best guess is an apple.  It was a general apple-shape.  We did have some pears though, at some point.  And nectarines.  I really don't know how the orange got sucked into that bag with it...  Unless the moldy-orb-of-doom used to be an orange.  There was another orange floating around on the counter, so maybe that other one just didn't get out in time...  I threw them all away, just in case.

John had an ingrown toenail removed? retracted? dislodged? about two weeks ago and he has to soak it in this weird red stuff every night to fight off the infection.  What's really funny though, is that he's still wearing his other shoe and sock while he does it.  I laughed for a good five minutes.  You don't have to think it's funny.  But I thought I'd share anyway.

That's all for now.  I can't think of anything else to tell you about our exciting life.  Oh, if you were on your way to come get some candy, don't bother.  We've already eaten it all.  :)

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