October 20, 2014


Ruthe and I spent the last two days doing absolutely nothing.  It was glorious!

Although, doing nothing has definitely changed a lot, since becoming a mom...

I still had to feed her every four hours.
And change her diaper.
When I would have rather been napping on the couch I was, instead, crawling across the living room trying to catch a naked baby. 
"Row Row Row Your Boat" interrupted the important scenes of every show I tried to watch.
Her g-tube attachments can't really wait until tomorrow to be washed... (or at least rinsed out!)

I did, however, successfully evade laundry for another day!  So that's one perk.  But, by far, my favorite part of doing nothing all day was that it was spent snuggling and smooching my sweet girl!!  Sometimes it's hard to fit enough of that in everyday.  

She did a lot better with her puking today!  Only gagging a little bit and not actually losing any food.  (cross my fingers & knock on wood because now she's got a pre-puke cough 😬)

... ... ...

With a whole weekend to contemplate what we learned from her upper GI scans, I've tried to pay closer attention to what might trigger her gag reflex.  (Aside from the reflux, I mean.)  The doctor mentioned that sitting-up through her meals would help keep her food down.  Nope.  He also said to thicken her formula with rice cereal, to make it less likely to reflux. I wouldn't know, because it moves so slow through her tube that she never actually got more than an ounce and a half before I had to give up and switch back.  He suggested feeding her slower.  It already takes at least an hour to feed her, and that's on a good day!

I'm hoping that Ruthe's GI doctor will have the test results tomorrow and will call to discuss our options.  And I'm hoping he'll let us at least try using Prevacid or something before going straight to surgery.  But I'm not a pediatric gastroenterologist, so I'll just wait and see what he says.

In other news - Ruthe had a speech and occupational therapy session this week, and is doing really well!  I need to be better at trying more foods with her, to try and find a flavor/texture combo that she likes so we can work on control and swallowing.

Her speech therapist is also an occupational therapist, so since Ruthe can only handle the high hair for about 30 minutes, we use the rest of our time letting her play and watching how she interacts with her toys.  She's been doing really well putting things into containers, so I'm supposed to start using smaller items and smaller containers and having her take things out as well.  It's so amazing to me how babies learn things... they're just little geniuses!! 

Now, if only my little genius could hold still long enough to have her ears cleaned out, she might hear me when I tell her she's the smartest baby in the world!!

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