October 26, 2014

my little pumpkin.

This week was quite the adventure for Ruthe and I!  My parents went on a week-long trip to Boston and Vermont and left us ALL ALONE in Las Vegas.

I know what you're thinking.  Why didn't we just go to Salt Lake to visit John?  Well, two reasons: one, Ruthe had an appointment to get some vaccinations that she was VERY overdue for; and two, we had to take care of the dog.  Reason number two is not really a good reason, because the dog technically belongs to my brother, who is perfectly capable of coming over to feed and water Elvis.  But Ruthe was about six months late getting these vaccinations, and her pediatrician's office is busy busy (with all us Medicaid patients!), so I couldn't risk ditching the appointment and having to wait another six months. 

So we stayed at home and went to the doctor and ran errands and forgot to water the plants and watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang seventeen times and went to Target and rolled around on the floor and all sorts of fun things.

INCLUDING going The Great Pumpkin Parrot Festival yesterday!!  It's a real thing.  There's a nature sanctuary here that has all kinds of parrots and fancy birds and chickens and goats and LLAMAS and geese and pigs...  And they had a fun Halloween festival with crafts and pumpkins and our friend Teri dressed up as a witch for story time!!

Ruthe was a little taken-aback by all the birds.  And all the crazy kids probably didn't help either!  But she loved the story time and even did a little dance afterwards!!

((you can watch the video here: http://youtu.be/K9ux1AMlbN8))

She is getting so big and crazy these days!  She has even figured out how to sit up in her own!!  It's funny - she has to wedge her feet underneath something to get enough leverage for a sit-up.  Weird kid.

Tomorrow I am taking her in for her third heart catheterization.  I have a problem considering it a "surgery" even though it technically is one.  I don't know why, I think I just don't like putting it in the same category as her open-heart surgeries...  

Anyway, here's a funny picture of her in the bathtub.

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