September 29, 2014

only two.

The last two weeks were crazy.  Let me just break it down for you:

9/11 - Ruthe's first flight
9/13 - the CJ Walk 
9/16 - neurology appointment
9/17 - feeding evaluation
9/18 - speech therapy // book club
9/19 - nutritionist appointment // leave for Cali // author signing
9/21 - back to Vegas
9/22 - Syd doctor
9/23 - physical therapy
9/24 - Syd other doctor
9/25 - plastic surgery appointment
9/26 - whole-lotta-paperwork day (it's a real thing, we had an appointment to do paperwork.)

yep.  That's right.  This is one of the rare months where we'll have seen basically ALL of Ruthe's doctors/therapists/specialists/everybody.  It doesn't happen very often.  Maybe only twice so far.  (Not counting after she gets discharged from the hospital and has a bajillion follow-ups.)

Anyway, being this busy makes me a little bit crazy.  Crazy enough to forget how many months there are in a year.  (Did you now there are only 86 days until Christmas?!)  

So I was sitting in my doctor appointment last Wednesday, just waiting, staring at the clock, praying Ruthe wouldn't wake up and start screaming, and I noticed the calendar.  It was September 24th.  And this is how my brain processed that:

The 24th. 

Ruthe had her surgery on the 24th.

Hey, I wonder how many months it's been now! (gosh, so many!)

Hmm... July to August. One.

August to September. Two.

September to... No.

Wait, what?

There's a month inbetween there.  Right?  Isn't there another month before September??

((I repeated this like six times, until it sounded wrong enough to confuse me even more.))

July, August, September.

Seriously... SERIOUSLY?!!

Two.  It's only been TWO MONTHS since Ruthe's surgery?! 

What?  No.  Nope.

August to September.





I guess.

Yeah.  Two months.  That still doesn't sound right...

I should ask my mom.


You guys.  It's only been TWO MONTHS.  This girl.  This one right here:

Reading a book like a freaking toddler...

She had open-heart surgery - her THIRD open-heart surgery - two months ago.

That just blows my mind.  Time has gone so fast, it honestly felt like it had been at least three months, but I was expecting more like four.  Not two.  Two months is like, a minute.  She was not in the hospital a minute ago.  It's been years, decades.  Two months.

Only two.

She's a world champion warrior princess.  And I love her.

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