September 10, 2014

heart walk.

When Ruthe was still a tiny little baby and we were right in the middle of all the crazy surgeries and doctors visits and not knowing anything about anything I spent a LOT of time looking for other families like ours.  Instagram was a big help for that.  There's a hashtag for heart warriors that has so many pictures of so many kids who are facing the same things as my baby... through #heartwarrior I found a mom with a blog where I felt a little more comfortable commenting and asking her about how things were going.  She was so nice and understanding.  AND she directed me to a group called Intermountain Healing Hearts that's based out of Utah.  Since our plan is to eventually move here permanently to be with John I sent in the application to join their facebook group.  It has been SO AMAZING to have a place where I can go and vent about "heart mom" things, or ask questions about something that might be too far out of the ordinary for my other momma friends.

Anyway, every year IHH does a big fundraising heart walk and it just happened to be over a weekend that I could be up in Utah for it.  John was a big sport and woke up early for me on Saturday to go.  Since I'm so socially awkward and shy I didn't introduce myself to anyone like I wanted to, but it was still a great experience to go and see all the people who love these heart warriors and want to raise awareness in their community.

After this walk and the walk we did way back in February I've decided that we need to have our own shirts made for Baby Ruthe!!  It's so cool to see everyone in the same shirt that's made just for the walk, but I just LOVE  to see all the different personalized shirts that families have come up with to support their kiddos!

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  1. Our city does a heart walk too about this time of year, and I can't wait to participate next year (Evanna will be in the middle of recovery for this yrs). Love Ruthe's headband! xo