May 20, 2014

the beach house.

My Papou has a house in Newport Beach.  It's beautiful, right on the boardwalk, and has the BEST water-pressure in the showers!!  We've been coming her for summer vacations for a very long time.  And it really is the best way to visit the beach.  Right now, I'm lying in bed with the windows open just enough to feel the ocean breeze and hear the waves.  There's also a seagull out there, not too peaceful, but at least he can't get in here to peck at my blankets looking for food!  

This is Ruthe's first official trip to the beach.  So far she's loved it!!  But we haven't put her in the sand yet... 

She has, taken a nap in the California sun:

Done some people-watching with the Old Man at the boardwalk:

Hit-up the mall for some California "souvenirs" (also known as toys and clothes):

Gone out to dinner in the harbor (boats not pictured):

Our plan is to take her down to the water later today... let's hope she loves it!!

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