May 20, 2014

my beach bum.

This girl.

This girl right here.

She LOVES the beach.  I mean, who doesn't, right?!  But babies are generally known for hating nature in all it's forms (ie - grass, water, sand, wind) so I was kind of expecting a lot of kicking and screaming.

Well, I got the kicking.  This girl was all about having sand in between her toes and made some pretty impressive footprints on the beach.  She also tried kicking me when I picked her up... girl's got an attitude.

I have a video that I'll post eventually.  For now you can see a couple clips from it here

We also went on a little walk to Balboa Pier for a bal-bar and a sticker for her suitcase.

And we decided that she needed a hat.

We had to get back to the beach house to feed the goose-baby, so there was no time for riding the Ferris wheel... But that doesn't mean we couldn't snap a quick pic so she has something to look forward to on our next trip!

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