January 9, 2013

nice try, sydney.

So, originally, my plan was to blog every day. But then I realized that we are two veeerrrryy boring people. (For example: Today, I am still in my pajamas.)

Now I think I'll shoot for at least once a week. That will ensure that there's at least something worth blogging about. Even if it's just a recap on how boring our week was.

Here are the basics from the last several days...

1.) John had an interview for a job out in North Las Vegas. And they want him to go back on Friday. Point for John.
2.) My mom volunteered me to make cloth napkins for a rehearsal dinner next Friday. I should probably learn how to use my new serger... Like, how to turn it on would be a good start.
3.) I got to hang out with my lovely friend Julia and her handsome little flirtatious Troy-boy. Seriously, hide your baby girls -- the kid's a stud!!
4.) John wants to go indoor sky diving. Just the thought of it makes me cringe.
5.) We decided to read the Book of Mormon together, again. We really fell off the scripture-reading bandwagon last year, and only a couple weeks in and we're already feeling the love and blessings! So wonderful.

Have I mentioned that John got an iPad for Christmas? Well, he did. And it has changed my life!! Haha. I use it alllll the time. Sometimes I even steal it right out from under his nose. But, hey, sharing is caring. And whenever he wants to learn how to sew and use all my cool fancy stuff, I'll totally let him watch me help!

And finally, enjoy the very first, awkward, self-portrait we took on the iPad on Christmas morning.

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