January 24, 2013

baby face.

Have I ever told you that John thinks he has a "baby face"?  He seems to be under the impression that his facial hair doesn't grow very much/fast, and as a result he also thinks he doesn't need to shave regularly.

Um, neither of those things are true.  He is a Scruffy-McScrufferstein.  I just thought I should record that somewhere.

We are also getting pretty interested in what this little baby nugget is going to look like.  Those conversations mostly revolve around whether it's a boy or girl.  Did you know there are non-medical ultrasound places that will tell you the gender of your baby at 14 weeks?!  Um, yeah, that's a month and a half before the doctor tells you.  A MONTH AND A HALF, PEOPLE!!  The only thing is, they also do those creepy 3D and 4D ultrasounds.  Which kind of freak me out.  I mean, I've seen picture of what a baby looks like at 14 weeks, and it. is. creepy.  I reeeallllly don't want to spend $50 to look at my freaky alien baby for twenty minutes.  I just got over the morning sickness and nausea.

Is that rude to say?! 

Anyway, that's where we're at these days.  Nothing new or fun or exciting.  Just a lot of naps and conversations about how the heck we're going to [1] have a baby, [2] move to law school, and [3] figure out the rest of our lives, all in the next eight months.  Any suggestions?!

Also, in case you were wondering, eating white rice with taco bell mild sauce and washing it down with nilla wafers dipped in chocolate frosting is a BAD idea.

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