April 25, 2011

week one.

i'm blogging right now because i don't want to put my clothes away.

in our first week of marriage John and I were fortunate enough to experience a great many things...

we drove 700+ miles in a U-haul.
and experienced the extreme opposites in hotels.
we shopped for furniture.
and spent days putting it all together.
we were stranded on the side of the busiest street in Rexburg.
and spent two and a half days without a car.
we [read I] lost a cell phone.
and wondered what the world is coming to if there are THIEVES in Idaho Falls...
we get in fist fights [the nice kind].
and rarely eat vegetables with dinner [I claim no responsibility if he dies of scurvy].

as bad as it all seemed while it was happening, we really can't complain.  we have a nice-ish apartment and plenty of furniture to fill it up.  we have a bed and clothes [that I still need to put away] and food in the pantry.  we have each other, in the same place, at the same time, which is really REALLY awesome.  we're blessed.  we can't ignore that.  so whatever happens next, we'll be ready.  we'll be fine.  and we'll come out laughing [probably].

*since I lost my cell phone, there won't be any pictures from the honeymove or from the first few days at our apartment.  i'm sorry. just use your imagination.

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