October 26, 2010


john is just the best thing EVER.

so, a couple weeks ago we were looking up cheap hotel prices for when he cam to visit me this weekend.  he got a couple of guys at his work to trade shifts with him [or so i thought] so he was going to be able to spend thursday through sunday here with me.  we haven't seen each other since the very beginning of october, so it was pretty exciting for both of us and we were glad for a chance to spend more than just two days together.

so this week finally got here and we were soooo excited that we would finally get to see each other on thursday.  i told him it felt like christmas was coming early!  and it did.  at work on monday time just seemed to speed right on by.  and then this morning it was going pretty quickly too.  i was e-mailing john and we were playing a game [naming state capitals... because we're awesome like that] and he was taking forever to e-mail me back each time.  so i was just sitting at the desk looking at wedding websites and there he was!!!

john surprised me!!

he lied about trading shifts with anyone and so he had his normal tuesday-wednesday off and took the rest of the weekend off too!!  isn't he just the BEST?!!

i was so excited i couldn't even move.  i just sat there staring at him and barely believing it.
i'm just so happy.  i have the best fiance in the world!

i love you, john!  thanks for surprising me  :)

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