April 28, 2014

remember that time it was Easter?

this post has been sitting in my draft folder for a month!!  sorry!!

Happy Easter!!

This year was so much fun!  [and also a little sad because John had to stay in Utah.]  But little miss Ruthe Clementine sure had a great introduction to the wonderful world of marshmallow PEEPS!!

[and she LOVED them!]

That was Ruthe's treat, instead of a cupcake, for her nine month birthday.  I don't think she missed the cupcake very much, but she did have a little more trouble grabbing onto the peeps... the plastic tray and sugar sparkles make those Peeps some slippery little guys!

As always, my family spent Saturday at the Valley of Fire.  It's a 55-year strong tradition, and honestly, it doesn't really feel like Easter if we have to miss it.  We always go to the same place, at the same time, and do the same things.  It's perfect!!  Several years ago we started having an egg decorating contest and it has been getting steadily more and more competitive.  It's also nice to have something else to do since I'm too old for the egg hunt and Ruthe's not old enough! 

We had gotten a little pop-up shade tent for Ruthe, to keep her out of the sun, but the weather was so beautiful and there was plenty of shade by the picnic tables so we put it away and just let her hang out with everybody!

Unfortunately, none of our submissions for the egg contest won.  My mom and I are convinced that the voting pool of random-passers-by is rigged!!  

After the Valley-o-Fire, we headed home and took some hilarious pictures of the baby...

I was a little disappointed that she wasn't more upset about being buried in plastic eggs.  We did this to my little cousin like twelve years ago, and he was so mad about it!!  I don't think we even have one shot of Ruthe so much as frowning!  

On Easter Sunday we got up and got dressed and went to church.  Ruthe's dress was soooo adorable!!  There has got to be another reason for her to wear it... Anybody wanna throw a bunny-themed party?!

Ok, that's pretty much all I can remember from Easter.  I REALLY need to get back into the habit of blogging regularly!  But Ruthe just woke up, so you'll have to wait around for the rest of April, our trip to Laguna, and Mother's Day!!

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