July 13, 2012

a market for farmers.

This might actually be the only town I've ever known to have actual farmers at their Farmer's Market...

But so far my booth has been a great learning experience. It helps that everyone in this town is beyond friendly - even the people that you can just tell are thinking I'm crazy for charging $20 for a tote bag.

Last week was my first market, and it went ok. I got there early and had everything set up almost an hour before it started. I sat in the sun for four hours and sold one thing. When it was time to leave I had it all packed up and ready to go in about a minute. This week was better. For one, John was there with me the whole time. He was bored out of his mind, but I sure do love him for being there. Secondly, I didn't go so gosh darn early to set up and I had a better(ish) system for everything. The wind sure threw me through a loop tho!! Tell me, how do you display a penant banner of your shop's name when the wind is threatening to carry you off to Oz?? Not to mention everything being made solely of FABRIC!

Once the wind died down it turned out to be a really nice day. We sold two things (that's double from last week)! And had a nice time just being together and visiting with some friends. I'm much more excited about the rest of the summer now that today was a little better and I actually made a profit on some things!

I'm going to sleep now. It was a LONG day. (Don't worry, this will be re-edited tomorrow.)
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