May 29, 2012

in memorandum.

since my last post...

[-]  i joined instagram  :)  you can follow me @squydster or you can just click the friendly little instagram tab on the bloggy-blog here to see what's going on in rexburg.

[-]  we decided that we want some bikes for the summer.  i know, i know.  we said that last year and never followed through.  but this time we're for real!  my plan is to take my bike to work [save some money on gas!] and for me and John to be a little bit more active during the warm weather.  we've already contacted a few people on craigslist about some bikes, so HOPEFULLY we'll be cruisin' the town in style by the weekend!

[-]  my most loveliest bestest amazingest friend had a baby!!  Julia was a champion and spent basically an entire day in labor before having the studliest little future fireman ever.  seriously, Troy is such a cutie.  he's officially my favorite baby  :)

[-]  the momma came to visit!!  man, she's just the best.  she was here from thursday to sunday [memorial day weekend] and we just partied it up every day!  we ate delicious food, saw Men in Black 3 [awesome!], went shopping, ate more delicious food, broke my car, went shopping again, fixed my car, made our own tortillas, ate some delicious momma-made fajitas, had a sleep-over [without John], shopped, ate, had fun, got rained on, rearranged some things in my kitchen, and did i mention that we had fun??!  i love my momma.  she's the best.  she should visit all the time!  :)

[-]  i painted my fingernails.  i really like painting my fingernails.  i'm just really bad at it.  but practice makes perfect, right?  maybe John will let me practice on his toes...

that's all i can remember.  for now, at least.  John will probably remind me about a few things later... he's good like that.  but for now I need to go lay down.  i ate an entire bag of cotton candy at the movies today... and i might have possibly eaten an entire bag of cotton candy at the movies yesterday, too.  it's fluffy and delicious, you can't judge me.

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  1. I stalked and found your blog. I hope you don't mind. I hope you love your bike.